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National Apprenticeship Week 2022

It is finally National Apprenticeship Week, and we are all looking forward to see how this week will bring together everyone passionate about apprenticeships. The theme of National Apprenticeship Week 2022 is ‘Build the Future’, a continuation of the theme used in 2021 and allowing the week to link to the key pillars of the Build Back Better campaign.

We have different themes for each day of the week, and each theme will showcase the impact apprenticeships can have on communities, local businesses and regional economies and how they all benefit from the impact of apprenticeships. Each daily theme is outlined below:

Monday 7th

The NAW Big Bang Launch - It’s really important we start the week with a burst of positivity for apprenticeships and get #NAW2022 trending across the country again! We will also use the day to focus on how apprenticeships launch and develop careers.

Tuesday 8th

#AskAnEmployer - Encourage your followers to ask their apprenticeships questions using #AskAnEmployer - be on hand to answer about how apprenticeships have helped your organisation train, retain and achieve.

Progression Tuesday - Encourage audiences to look at the new exciting opportunities for progression into, through and beyond apprenticeships… focus on future skills and social mobility, green transport and green apprenticeships, sustainable apprenticeships and environmental skills, flexi apprenticeships, newer STEM industries and opportunities such as Traineeships and T Levels.

Wednesday 9th

#AskAnApprentice - Encourage aspiring apprentices, their parents and carers and employers to ask you questions about your apprenticeship using the hashtag #AskAnApprentice, be online to respond and explain how apprenticeships can develop futures.

Thursday 10th

Thank You Thursday - Take the opportunity to thank the people who have helped you develop along the way. Employers, apprentices, training providers, parents and carers, your mentor…

Friday 11th

Celebration Friday - Host a virtual graduation ceremony to mark your apprentices’ achievements and progression and celebrate apprenticeships.

Saturday 12th

Parents & Carers Day - Host an event to inform parents and carers about the benefits of apprenticeships, and how they might be the perfect route for their child to develop their future. Engage with Amazing Apprenticeships and The ASK programme which help parents to understand apprenticeships, Traineeships and T Levels.

Sunday 13th

#SelfieSunday - On Sunday we want you to share your best work or apprenticeship selfies to show the wide range of roles and experiences that apprenticeships can offer. Prepare your cheesiest smiles and don’t forget to use #NAW2022.

Thank you to everyone who is participating in this National Apprenticeship week. For more information about National Apprenticeship Week, please visit the link below.

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