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Case Study - Degree Apprentice Instagram

Charlotte Fitzpatrick, YAAN Ambassador and Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprentice at BT has launched an Instagram blog where she hopes to use her platform as a way to document her experience as an apprentice and help those who are considering the route of becoming an apprentice. Below are a few words from Charlotte explaining the reasons she had to open up an Instagram platform...

"The keyword here is ‘help’. When I decided I wanted to do an apprenticeship I had little support and stumbled through every step of the process almost entirely on my own. The only careers advice I was offered was to go and 'google apprenticeships'. This is completely different to when I briefly thought that I wanted to go to university as I had hours’ worth of support sessions from my college, helping me to write my UCAS application, decide what course to pick, 1:1 mentoring session etc. I think it's unfair that (in my experience) there is such a lack of apprenticeship support in the education system and lack of awareness of alternative options to university. I hope that with my account I can shed some light on what being an apprentice is like, and offer advice on everything ‘apprenticeships’, from how to find a scheme, all the way to securing the job! This will hopefully provide more people with the information they need to decide the best career pathway for them, whatever that may be."

If you would like to give Charlotte a follow, her page is, and we definitely recommend checking it out!

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