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Capital Gains - Improving Life Chances for Young Londoners - Register Now!

On Wednesday 22nd September 2021, the LAAN, AELP, GLA and Education & Skills Funding Agency will be hosting an online event - 'Capital Gains - Improving life chances for young Londoners'.

Following opening statements from Gillian Keegan - Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills, Peter Mucklow - Director, Apprenticeships, Education & Skills Funding Agency, and a senior GLA official the conference will breakout into groups to discuss four of the industry sectors considered vital to London's economic recovery: Construction, Digital, Hospitality and Health & Social Care.

This is a fantastic opportunity to be heard and to influence the thinking behind development of future skills policy.

The conference is funded by us and therefore complimentary for delegates to attend. Find out more and book your free space now.

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