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Apprentice Case Study - Logan's Mont Blanc Challenge

Working for O’Halloran & O’Brien Ltd, Assistant Site Manager and Site Supervisory Apprentice Logan Price is now about to start a whole new adventure, completely different to the day job.

In today’s time, mental health is becoming increasingly recognised as important and a matter that is beginning to be taken as seriously as it should be. With 1 in 6 of us is experiencing high levels of distress or a common mental health problem every week. Logan comments on his own personal journey with mental health and how it affected his day to day working, stating "Recently I have experienced some problems with my mental health which resulted in me taking some extended time off work. However, I am now planning my return and working hard to improve my mental health each and every day."

2022 is a big year for Logan as he has set some personal challenges that he believes will help him achieve a better mental and physical state. While mental health is considered a personal journey that differs for each and every person, there is truth in the fact that we have come a long way in public mental health in recent years in terms of our attitudes around and our efforts to tackle the stigma of ill-health, but we are not there yet. Understanding that we still have a way to go, Logan began thinking about how the challenges he set for himself could not only benefit him personally but also how he could do something that could benefit others. Logan began planning the challenges he will embark on. The idea of completing a number of physical challenges was prompted in order to raise money for two fantastic charities. One being The Lighthouse Charity Lighthouse Club - The Construction Industry Charity, which specifically benefits the mental health and well-being of construction workers and secondly, State of Mind Sport who also do some great work to support young people and those affected by mental health issues.

The challenges Logan will venture into this upcoming year are endurance heavy and highly demanding physical activities. Before the big challenge undertakes, as part of his endurance training, Logan is looking to tackle the 4 Peaks challenge, which includes climbing to the summit of Ben Nevis, Scotland (1,345m), Helvellyn, Lake District, England (950m), Snowdon, Wales (1,085m) and Carrauntoohil, Ireland (1,038m) within a 48-hour window between 12th and 14th May 2022.

Logan won’t be stopping there as during the summer he will also be climbing Mont Blanc, which is the tallest mountain in Western Europe, standing at 4,809m, between 5th and 9th August 2022!

Logan comments on his journey so far and what’s upcoming for him as he describes this challenges as "not only be a massive personal achievement for myself but would also be an opportunity for me to help others and continue to raise awareness of mental health issues for those in the construction industry and if possible, specifically for young people and apprentices like myself."

Going on to say "The 4 Peaks Challenge has been organised by the Lighthouse Charity and I have already achieved the minimum funding requirement. I plan to use this as a platform to build up my endurance and stamina for Mont Blanc. This is slightly different proposition, there is only one window annually, for approximately 12 weeks, between May and August, when it is advisable to consider climbing Mont Blanc particularly for someone with my limited experience. My solo climb has been booked although it has been recommended that any assent is supported by a trained and experienced guide."

Logan's overall target is to raise over £25k, which will be used primarily for the health and well-being of construction workers and young people. You can stay up to date on Logan’s training and follow his overall progress @LoganMontBlanc on Instagram!

If you could support in any way you can, a kind word/donation will be greatly appreciated.

Logan's crowdfunding page and story is available here.

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