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Apprentice Case Study - Hayley's YAAN Story

Meet Hayley Thomas, former apprentice who is currently a Lead Recruitment Consultant at North London Garages GTA.

How did you find the YAAN?

The YAAN was brought to my attention by my CEO – Colin Denton. He thought I would be a fantastic addition to the YAAN group with my experience of being both an automotive and administration apprentice.

What inspired you to join the network?

I did a lot of research into what the YAAN do, and the people they inspire. I thought that my experience and expertise in the apprenticeship way of life could be beneficial for others to hear and could potentially make a huge difference in someone’s life. Working and placing apprentices is what I do daily and I understand the challenges apprentices face and the doubts they have. Joining the YAAN was my way of trying to help undecided learners see the benefits an apprenticeship has and the unique opportunities you could be involved in.

Tell us your favourite highlight so far…

My favourite highlight so far was the YAAN induction where I got to meet other apprentices or ex apprentices and hear their stories and how they differ to mine. Although the YAAN group chat and the famous ‘’does pineapple belong on pizza’’ debate was a close second.

What would you say to others looking at joining the YAAN?

Do it! The YAAN is full of amazing people trying to make a positive difference in the UK. Your story could change someone’s life.

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