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National Apprenticeship Week 2022 - Date Announced!

We are pleased to announce that the date for National Apprenticeship Week 2022 has been announced! It will take place from 7 to 13 February 2022; it provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate apprenticeships and bring the whole apprenticeship community together. The week will shine a light on the positive differences that apprenticeships can make to individuals, employers and to the wider economy.

The annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships, which takes place across England, will showcase how apprenticeships have helped employers of all sizes and sectors, and people of all ages and backgrounds and we are encouraging employers to promote the outstanding work their apprentices have been involved in over the past year. We also want to highlight the many benefits apprenticeships bring to businesses of all sizes. National Apprenticeship Week brings together Apprenticeship Ambassadors, MPs, training providers, apprentices, parents and employers to celebrate the work being done across the whole apprenticeship community, promoting apprenticeships and their impact.

The theme of National Apprenticeship Week 2022 will be announced later in the autumn.

More information on National Apprenticeship Week 2022 will be announced on GOV.UK. and on social media channels, @Apprenticeships on Twitter and National Apprenticeship Service on LinkedIn.

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