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60 Seconds with Jasmine Okoye

Meet Jasmine Okoye, International Rotational Degree Apprentice at Pearson!

Currently working within Pearson’s Financial Services sector in Belfast on a 4 week placement, Jasmine shares her experience as an apprentice.

What is your role at Pearson?

"I am currently placed in Pearson Financial Services in Belfast for 4 weeks for my International Rotational Degree Apprenticeship placement. My job role here is an Operational Financial Analyst. I work alongside the Accounts Payable team and the Accounts Receivable team."

How are you finding your first international rotational placement?

"On my first day, I was exposed to so many new things which felt like an information overload, but it was still great to understand what the team does. I am exposed to many different policies here and have to learn about and understand the many different accounts.

This opportunity is amazing, and I thank Pearson for giving me this opportunity to explore the company and learn, as now I have a taste of what it is like as an Operational Finance Analyst for a global company - that’s not something that everyone can put on their CV."

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