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Anthony Impey releases new report, "Apprenticeships: How to spearhead talent growth"

On 1st August 2019, Anthony Impey’s new whitepaper on, “Apprenticeships: How to spearhead talent growth” was published by Open University.

The paper discusses how apprenticeships can support employers in the race for talent and respond to the massive commercial and economic challenges that our current and future generations face.

Anthony Impey, Founder of Optimity and LAAN Ambassador said,

"The apprenticeship system provides organisations with the tools they need to compete in the race for talent. Employers in England have a range of different controls to adapt the system to their requirements, together with a robust quality framework to ensure rigorous and relevant learning. Maximising the opportunities of this framework to recruit, develop and build talent needs to be a priority for every employer."

To read the full report and find out more, click here.

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