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Apprentice Case Study: Lauren Smithers

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship was the best option for me because I didn’t want to attend university, however I wanted the option of being able to progress in my career. Learning whilst earning really appealed to me as I was in a full-time job rather than education, so going back to full-time learning with no prospect of earning a good wage for the next 4 years was something I wanted to avoid. I knew of apprenticeships and thought that doing one would be the best way for me to learn a skilled job at the same time as being paid for it.

Please describe your experience...

My experience as an apprentice has been mainly positive, things go wrong but that is to be expected in life. It’s about how you carry on. I keep pushing and working hard and I was rewarded for all my hard efforts as I was nominated and won the ‘Most Improved Apprentice’ award, which I am really proud of. It was such a lovely day and hearing all the kind words people had to say about me reminds me of how far I have come. The experience so far makes me want to continue my apprenticeship journey – when I complete this one, I want to climb the level ladder and be the best I can be.

How has your apprenticeship helped you progress in your career?

My apprenticeship has helped me progress in every way possible. I’m constantly being told by friends and family how lucky I am to have this opportunity. It can be really challenging at times, but the outcome is always rewarding and now with my award I have even more to add to my CV. My confidence and knowledge have grown in leaps and bounds since joining Pearson.

What do you feel are the advantages of doing an apprenticeship over other training or education?

The advantage of an apprenticeship is that the job is hands-on. You’re not sitting behind a desk being talked at 3 times a week and it doesn’t cost you at least £9,000 a year. In fact, even better, your employer pays you to learn. You get 20% off-the-job meaning there is time for you to step away and focus on what you have learnt and what you want to learn. Apprenticeships go up in levels as well and are now available at degree level so you can work your way to the top and gain experience whilst you do so.

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