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Employer Case Study: O'Halloran & O'Brien (OHOB)

Why did you decide to employ an apprentice/apprentices?

The apprenticeship programme offered the best solution to upskill some existing employees and further develop their management capabilities.

Please describe your experience..

To date the programme continues to stretch and develop each of the five employees differently! The added value to us as an employer is the collaboration, teamwork and support the apprentices are offering to each other.

Please describe the benefits if apprentices in your business..

The benefits are multiple but most importantly the apprenticeship programme delivers what we as a levy paying employee want; quality training at a convenient location, with stretch, rigour and added value for us and our employees.

What do you feel are the advantages of offering an apprenticeship programme over other training or education?

Largely on the job training, supported by a structured day release programme delivered to meet with our needs and requirements as a levy paying employer. We have not found a suitable alternative programme capable of meeting ours and our employees needs! Apprenticeships work!

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