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Pearson welcome first ever Senior Leader Master's Degree Apprentices

Taking on their first ever cohort of Senior Leader Master's Degree apprentices, Pearson are extremely excited to be offering this new apprenticeship standard. The Senior Leader apprenticeship allows apprentices undertaking the course to gain senior management level status by learning how to drive strategic intent, understand market trends, develop supportive cultures in the workplace and run a successful business.

Pearson's apprenticeship scheme has now been running for just over a year and currently has over 100 apprentices, each ranging from level 2, all the way up to level 7!

In such a short space of time Pearson have been able to provide apprenticeships to UK wide employees across a variety of sectors and levels with various different training providers. This is to ensure that they deliver quality learning to their employees.

For more information about the Senior Leader apprenticeship standard, take a look at the IFA's website.

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